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Engagement and Wedding Rings
Designed & Handmade in-store
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Exquisite engagement rings that will take your partner's breath away. Crafted with care for a lifetime of love. Let us help you find the perfect ring.

Design your own with inspiration from our portfolio, or bring in your ideas! Is the engagement ring of your dreams unlike anything you've seen? Please consult with our Jeweller to design your original with unlimited options!

Have an existing design custom-made to order.  Customize any part of the design: Gemstone, metal, shank style, hand engraving, accent gems, and more.

Select from our gallery of finished jewellery & personalize it to make it your own! Would you prefer something already made? Choose a stock piece & personalize it with the perfect gemstone, accent gems, filigree, or hand engraving.

"Come visit us at Midas!"

How It Works

Are you struggling to find the perfect design? Look no further! We've got three proven ways to help you discover the ideal design that meets all your requirements.

Feel free to browse our Jewellery Gallery, showcasing designs crafted over our 40-year history. You can choose to purchase a ring as is or customize it to your unique style. If you don't find something you love, don't worry! We can create a custom engagement ring just for you. See below for more details on how we do this.

"Begin your creative journey now with just three words: Start designing.

To start creating your custom-designed engagement ring, please call us or fill out our ring design questionnaire. We can then begin the process of designing the engagement ring of your dreams. Simply answer a few simple questions and upload images of rings you like to get started.

Our buyers personally select every gemstone.

Our GIA graduate gemologists, stone cutters and gemstone buyers are recognized nationally for their expertise; they're here to help you select the perfect gemstone!

We never purchase gems based solely on lab reports alone, and neither should you.

Choose the right metal. It's essential to evaluate all options and their properties accurately. Make an informed decision that will lead to success.

We cast & fabricate all of our pieces right here in the Midas workshop, from platinum & palladium to every color of gold.

Our white gold is a proprietary alloy guaranteed to be crisper and whiter than any other white gold available. As a matter of fact, it's so white it doesn't need rhodium plating, which wears off and is often done to hide the yellowish tone of traditional white gold alloys.

While platinum is every master jewellers' first choice, the metal you select for your custom piece is reflective of your personal taste, budget and how the piece will be worn.

From Design to Creation

Great design without great execution is pointless. We do all of our manufacturing in-house to make certain your piece is a timeless heirloom.

Working under microscopes, with the best tools & techniques is the only way to make each new piece come to life. From high-tech 3D visual machines to time-tested hand engraving and hand fabrication, we do each step right.


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